My son Robert has been doing Taekwon-Do since he was 5yrs old and loves every minute of his classes, I’ve seen him grow into a lovely confident boy, they say it takes a village to rear a child – well Taekwon-Do is part of our village. When the restrictions came into effect, I worried about Robert being out of routine with school, but also with Taekwon-Do. I needed have been concerned – straight away Master Fitzgibbon got to work, so our kids would not miss out, and introduced us painlessly to Zoom for training. It’s a God send. It keeps Robert focused and he gets so excited when we move back the furniture and the camera comes on. It’s not the same as being in the dojang but it’s helping so much, and with the routine of having the classes on the same days. Thank you so much to Master Fitzgibbon and all the instructors for tirelessly doing these classes, extra videos, answering questions, we appreciate you all.